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Affordable Countertop Refinishing

Breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom with our line of countertop refurbishing services. We work with the best coatings on the market to add multi-dimensional shine to your surfaces, making your old countertops look like new. Having years of experience in the art of countertop resurfacing means our technicians know how to boost the appearance of your surfaces, add durability, and lengthen their lifespan. When it comes to countertop refinishing, no one is better than Surface Pro! 

We Use the Best Materials on the Market

We understand that everyone has a different style, and our countertop resurfacing options are designed to meet them all. We offer speckled and solid options in a variety of colors, making it easy for you to get the look you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking for an exact color match to your existing countertop or want to try something completely new, our team will help you pick out the perfect coating for your countertop refinish.

  • Choose from a wide range of color options for your countertop resurfacing. We can create the appearance of granite, marble, and more.
  • Easily bring your surfaces back to life when you opt for countertop refinishing. We remove stains, repair damage, and add coatings that make your surfaces look brand new. 
  • Save time and money when you choose countertop refurbishing over replacement. If your surface can be restored, you could save hundreds.
  • Get a free consultation for your countertop refinishing service. Our qualified technicians will perform a thorough on-site evaluation of your countertop to create a comprehensive estimate.   

MultiSpec® Countertop Coatings

MultiSpec® is a water-based coating that consists of different colors giving the look and feel of natural materials such as granite, marble, and stone. This is an affordable and durable solution to help transform any countertop! From solid black finishes to speckled grey granite, you’ll find everything you need when you choose us as your countertop refurbishing experts.

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